Sunday, January 2, 2011

10 in '10 : #4 - Church of Glad Tidings


Photo credits: Grace Cynkar
Church of Glad Tidings
Architect: ________ (19??)
Contractor: _________
2700 Northland Drive, 78756

We have been unable to locate the history of this building, but were able to study the current state. It is composed of steel frame, brick and wood construction. The sacristy runs east to west on the Glad Tidings property. The sacristy is a tiered structure, concentrating to a single floor to ceiling dalle-de-verre window. The final tier is constructed of wood and is painted white. As the tiers concentrate toward the western end, the roof line steepens, swooping steeply upward at the final tier. The current occupants had sub-divided the original sanctuary, cutting off the original dalle-de-verre window in a closet. Although the structure itself is well-kept, that the current occupants have divided up the original sanctuary, hiding many of the unique details to the structure and illustrating a lack of appreciation for the modernist style of the structure.

Text: Grace Cynkar Edited by: Ken J.

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